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SBL are delighted to be part of the Financing Growth programme. We have a long-standing reputation for thought leadership, innovation and best practice standards and we are committed to supporting all SMEs through a collaborative and consultative approach. As a three times ISO Accredited organisation – for quality, security and staff development – as well as being Six Sigma certified, companies seeking BPM Outsourcing advice will always receive an intelligent, comprehensive and fit for purpose service. All solutions will be robust, effective, and joined up, based on the latest thought leadership principles within the sector, including new and forthcoming technologies and compliance requirements.

Our BPM Outsourcing experience covers a wide range of sectors including: banking and finance; insurance; retail; local government; geospatial services; legal; publishing and media; education; health; travel and hospitality; genealogy. However, many of the skills required for this type of work – planning, teamwork, meticulous attention to detail, mature and robust quality assurance and quality control processes – are transferrable to most industries.

Examples of thought leadership projects:
• Accounts verification, general accounting and payable services for a logistics major in the US. Our well established and well-documented processes ensured that our customer received the benefit of our experience from day one. This allowed us to guide them to the best solution early on.
• Mobile LiDAR collection using a locomotive. SBL’s GIS team is working in partnership with two prominent UK companies to deliver a new method for capturing rail asset survey data. Rail operators are expected to use this solution for all mobile survey work in future.
• Invoice processing for a pizza chain in Australia. With a well-designed project execution structure, we were able to manage the high volumes efficiently, optimizing the operations with the minimum manpower required, thereby adding value.
• Sustainable energy solutions for UK local government. SBL have been working with partners and councils to complete sustainable energy suitability analysis. This innovation is expected to be rolled out to other councils across
the UK.
• Insurance claims processing for an American agency. In consultation with the customer we determined that, to avoid high operational and management fixed overheads at the client’s end, it made sense for them to pass these functions entirely to us.
• Mortgage processing for a leading company in the US. After thoroughly reviewing the customer’s existing processes, SBL redesigned the operations to efficiently manage foreclosures and property data. All activities were subsequently managed through a web portal.
• Early adopters of the UK’s Building Information Modelling (BIM) agenda. Our 3D Wireframe & Surface Models are used in UK rail and roads upgrade projects.
• e-Governance. This solution has transformed the way in which legislative assemblies manage their functions henceforth. It is currently being deployed in India, but talks are under way to extend this to Commonwealth countries.
• Genealogy Transcription Services. Our technology teams have developed in-house software applications to ensure that clients receive the best and most cost-effective service at all times.

For more information, contact:
Geoff Blissitt, 07773059148